• The educational system in rural Guatemala is substandard. Most communities only have primary schools, and therefore, youths are unable to get more than a 6th grade education.
• Most rural, indigenous families do not have the resources to send their children to a high school outside their communities. 

• Guatemala is a country rich in history and culture. 

• The extent of educational needs in Guatemala is greater than the resources provided by the state. 

• 80% of children complete primary school and could continue to middle school. However, only 24% will graduate from high school due to the limited availability of high schools in rural communities. Other impediments are a low priority on continued education by parents who insist that children help them at home or in the fields, and the comparatively high costs of secondary education. Primary schooling is provided by the State free of charge. Families must pay for any additional education.

• Educational opportunities for youth help reduce the rate of immigration to the US.


• Indigenous girls in Guatemala are amongst the country’s most disadvantaged group with limited schooling, early pregnancies, frequent childbearing, and chronic poverty. 

• Research shows that when a girl attends school beyond the primary level, her income potential rises by 15 to 25%. 


• Educated women invest 90% of their income on their family, compared to only 35% for men. Increasing the number of girls with secondary education by just 1% can increase annual per capita income by 0.3%.


Educaid Guatemala was born as the international fundraising partner for Fundación Paiz. We are a 501 (C) (3) certified corporation, able to extend receipts for donations that may be tax deductable for donors in the USA.

Educaid has the unique advangtage of a strategic alliance with the Paiz Foundation:

• Our Board members have lived and worked in Guatemala and the U.S. and therefore, have well-established connections in both countries. 
FP has long-term relationships with our approved institutions. 
• The Foundation has a proven track record of a strong work ethic, integrity in their business management, and an endowment to help offset administrative costs. They will oversee student progress in partner institutions. 

Educaid Guatemala’s Board members along with our strategic partners and sponsors are able to leverage resources to extend the reach of our goals and objectives. 
Educaid’s commitment to integrate education and the arts will result in students having stronger critical thinking and problem-solving skills, and higher self-esteem that will diminish the negative effects of cultural discrimination. 
• Increased enrollment in the schools provides more financial resources for the schools to access modern educational materials in order to provide quality education.

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