A group of Guatemalan and US professionals created Educaid Guatemala.  We grant scholarships in collaboration with private schools that offer the well-rounded education that children need and deserve. 

More than 250 students a year receive middle and high school education thanks to the scholarships provided by Educaid

Many of these students are the first in their families, or even communities, to study beyond primary school. Some students graduating from high school reach out for additional support to continue their studies at university. Others join vocational schools to return to their communities with the skill sets to start their own business and have a significant impact.



Worked in the family business,  Almacenes Paiz, since it was a small, local operation until it became the biggest supermarket chain in Central America. Later on, the business was sold to Walmart.

President of Tarjetas Etc., stationery boutiques that reached 150 points of purchase, producing and distributing its own line of greeting cards, through Guatemala and Central America.

Along with her father and siblings, Isabel became Founder and Director of Fundación Paiz para la Educación y la Cultura since 1978.

Founder and President of Fundación Teoxché since 2008, a foundation in charge of the restoration and conservation of an historical park. In the site stands the first church built in Guatemala city in 1620, the Ermita of the Cerrito del Carmen park.

Member of the Advisory Council of the Historic District of Guatemala City since 1995


Extensive experience in exports to Central and South America, negotiating throughout the world with manufacturers, suppliers, shipping lines and customers.  Graduated from the University of Florida in Business Administration.

VICE President

From United States, permanent resident of Guatemala since 2003.

Work experience has been primarily in the field of commercial interior design as principal of a successful firm designing and executing interiors of model homes in the California and Nevada Real Estate Markets.

As a volunteer, she worked as an event planner and fundraiser for Antigua International School, Para Las Niñas,  Fundación Del Valle Panchoy, and as a translator for Mending Kids, International.  


Is currently the Director of
User Experience and Strategy at Athena Health.
She is an action-oriented leader with 15+ years’ experience managing creative and operational teams, addressing complex business challenges using customer centered design. She leverages consulting and corporate experience to collaboratively embrace ambiguity, craft unique value propositions and create new compelling user experiences.


Jose Juan Serra, has a strategic and entrepreneurial mindset, passionate about mentoring and developing executives, questioning the nature of things, aligning interests among different stakeholders and encouraging transparency in institutions.

Currently the CEO of a Family Office headquartered in Guatemala with operations in NYC and Madrid, with a legacy in real state, retail and early stage VC.

In addition he is Chairman of a multi-concept Specialty Retail Company with 90+ stores in Guatemala.

In 1990, Mr. Serra graduated with a Law Degree from Universidad Francisco Marroquín, and in 2000 an MBA, The Anderson School of Business at UCLA.

Formerly founder and CEO of different businesses and board member of various regional corporations, such as Central American Retail Company, which operated 400+ supermarkets with JV partners Royal Ahold and subsequently Walmart until the successful exit of the company in 2010.


Maria Regina Paiz is the current President of Fundación Paiz, on whose board she has served for over 25 years. She has been an investor in several retail operations in Guatemala, including international brands Benetton and Claire’s Accessories, and is known for promoting creative endeavors and imagining outside-the-box ideas for fundraising.


My entire career has been dedicated to the different areas in banking, investments and financial services. In 2006 I became Founder and CEO of a Madrid-based alternative investments firm, until I recently decided to move to New York City to set up a new and exciting project, Cygnus Funds USA.  Born in Guatemala, to a family whose main core values have always been entrepreneurship and philanthropy, I am ready and willing to bring to our organization the best of both worlds.

Education:  BSc, Economics, 1991. Wharton School, University Of Pennsylvania

MBA, ´96J  INSEAD. Fontainebleau, France


Fundación Paiz para la Educación y la Cultura (FP), a non profit organization, has more than 40 years experience in assisting schools that provide quality education to students from impoverished communities. Since its creation, FP has worked through educational, artistic and cultural programs in an effort to contribute to the development and transformation of the Guatemalan society. 

FP is our primary partner in Guatemala providing supervision and management of the scholarship program, allowing Educaid to operate on a minimal budget.

Who can apply for a FP scholarship?

Top performing students who do not have financial means and have finished 6th grade may apply. We endeavor to select students with families that share the high motivation and enthusiasm to achieve a higher education.

How does Fundación Paiz accompany and strengthen the formation of these young people?

Fundación Paiz performs an individual control of the performance of each student. It also works with the academic institutions to strengthen the capacities of their teachers and modernize their educational programs.  

FP has implemented a very successful pilot program to ensure reading comprehension and increased math skills in all students attending our partner institutions. 

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Educaid Guatemala envisions all children and youth to be able to achieve their full potential through education. Educated youth can participate in the development of their communities, and with marketable skills, pursue meaningful careers in order to enjoy a better quality of life.



Educaid provides opportunities to talented youth in financial need to advance their education through a scholarship program to finish secondary school.


Educaid Guatemala believes:

  • Quality education leads to a better citizenship, employment and wellbeing for all.
  • All Guatemalans, especially children and youth, have the right to reach their full potential and lead productive lives.
  • The arts enhance creativity and develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
  • Cultural interchange enhances the lives of all participants.
  • The eradication of poverty is possible.
  • Individuals should have the skills to confidently participate in the co-creation of their community.
  • Strong partnerships and contributions enable better results in achieving transformational goals.
  • Transparency in operations creates trust and confidence.

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