“Educated and healthy children
will lead their communities out of poverty and
build the thriving nations of tomorrow”

Bill Gates, Global Citizen Letter




Educaid was created by a group of Guatemalan and US professionals to provide scholarships to indigenous youth so that they may attend middle & high school. Most of these students come from rural areas where a disproportionate number of them only have access to grade school. 

Our Board of Directors focuses on improving the level of education of young people enrolled in our program seeking to provide them with opportunities to attend university, ensure a place in the workforce with better paying jobs, and enable them to participate in the formal economy of the country. 

Educaid Guatemala was born as the international fundraising partner for Fundación Paiz. We are a 501 (C) (3) certified corporation, able to extend receipts for donations that may be tax deductible for donors in the USA.

“Vocational training enables students to acquire necessary skills to generate income when they return to their communities”


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Facts and figures

Sixty per cent of Guatemala’s 16.1 million people live in extreme poverty.

In Guatemala, more than 3 million out of school youth between the ages of 15 and 24 did not finish high school and do not have vocational skills to enter the workforce.

More than 12% of the population is illiterate. Illiteracy rates can reach up to 75% in the indigenous population.

Only 80% of students
enrolled in primary school
will complete the 6th grade.

Only 23% of those who complete primary school are able to continue to middle school. Of those children, only 60% go on to graduate from high school.

Meet our scholars

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The educational system in rural Guatemala is substandard. Most communities only provide primary schools and, therefore, children are unable to get more than a 6th grade education.

Most rural, indigenous families do not have the economic resources to send their children to a school outside their communities; as a result, students cannot engage in pursuits to help improve the socioeconomic situation of their community.

A better-educated population attracts outside investment and fosters economic growth creating opportunities for the graduates and their families.


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